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    Wedding Venues in Amelia Island

    Amelia Island, Florida has become a popular wedding destination because of its mild weather, ocean views and luxurious amenities. Wedding venues in Amelia Island include everything from public beaches to high-end resorts. The best Amelia Island wedding venues depend on your priorities, but wherever you decide, take along the expert photographers and videographers from Legacy Movies with you. Call them today to lock in your date.

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    Destination wedding seekers love the wedding venues in Amelia Island. The paradise island offers 13 miles of pristine beaches that are easily reachable from Jacksonville and St. Augustine. The small barrier island has won numerous accolades for its picture-perfect scenic locations. You can also find world-class resorts, spas, hotels, golf courses and restaurants that double as the best Amelia Island wedding venues.

    The idyllic island charm naturally sets the mood for romance. Couples flock to Amelia Island to tie the knot at famous Florida wedding venues. Your wedding entourage must include the wedding photographers and videographers who create magic with a click of a button. Legacy Movies provides videography and photography services that go beyond point-and-shoot work. Instead, they tell the unfolding story of two lives that become one.

    What Are the Quintessential Advantages of Amelia Island?

    The tagline for Amelia Island is: “Come make memories.” Located just off the northeastern coast of Florida, the island has everything you want in waterfront and beach wedding venues. With miles of blue sea, clear sky and warm sand, Amelia Island is a photographer’s dream location.

    The iconic landscapes offer many advantages to couples wanting to marry. On Amelia Island, you can expect to find:

    • Free wedding venues. The island has more than 40 public beaches. While you don’t have to pay an entrance fee or get a special permit, you do have to obey the local ordinances. Hold an intimate wedding at the beachfront before moving to another location for your reception.
    • Unique wedding experiences. During the nesting season between May and October, your beach nuptials may be interrupted by baby turtles scampering towards the sea.
    • Perfect wedding weather. During summer, you have perfect beach weather. It’s not sweltering, but provides enough sun to give you a great tan. In winter, the nights get chilly, but nothing that requires more than an extra layer of clothing.
    • Friendly, warm community. The local islanders have a strong sense of community and family. During your entire stay, you’re surrounded by people who look after you.
    • Horseback riding. You may want to literally ride off into the sunset after your ceremony. Some of the best wedding venues in Amelia Island allow people to ride horses on the beach.

    Advocating for the environment is also top priority among the locals. You aren’t allowed an open fire on the beach. Also, balloons, streamers and strings are forbidden to prevent accidental choking by the local fauna. These local ordinances represent a small price to pay for the beauty of the island location.

    Why Pick Amelia Island Wedding Venues?

    Amelia Island’s historical landmarks tell the tales of their Spanish, French, British and American rulers. Whether you’re looking for barn wedding venues or something more like a Lightner Museum wedding, the island offers plenty of options, including:

    The views draw people to the island. From the marina and historical monuments to the ocean and marshlands, every picture turns out amazing. Natural beauty provides the ideal background for the authentic emotional moments captured on film.

    They are truly talented. They have a unique ability to capture the beauty and emotion of every moment, creating photos that truly take your breath away. I couldn't be happier with the final product!

    I worked with them on my wedding, and they were fantastic. They had a great eye for detail and were able to capture each member of our family in their own unique way. The final photos turned out beautiful, and we will cherish them for years to come.

    Why Is Legacy Movies My Best Choice?

    This Florida-based company has tons of experience recording important life moments. Their team uses multiple high-definition cameras, along with high-quality sound-recording equipment. When it comes to the light and dark mastery in motion pictures, no one transcribes words better than Legacy Movies.

    By hiring local talent for your wedding photography and videography, you get the right balance between creativity and expertise. Their experience comes from telling family histories through their life story films, which make a great option to accompany your wedding video. To get the best quality wedding video service, contact Legacy Movies.

    Updated on Feb 19, 2024

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    At Legacy Movies, our team comprises award-winning videographers, photographers, video editors, and producers dedicated to capturing and preserving life's most important moments for families and businesses. We guarantee our clients an exceptional experience, with each photo and video created with passion and the highest quality equipment.

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