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    Wedding Photography in St. Augustine, FL

    Wedding photographers in St. Augustine from Legacy Movies know the area well and create St. Augustine wedding photos for you that you’ll cherish forever. Whether you need a St. Augustine elopement photographer or St. Augustine photography in a lavish historical venue in Florida, you can count on the expertise of the Legacy Movies team. Call them today to book your date.

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    Home to some of the country’s most beautiful buildings and beaches, St. Augustine boasts a variety of beautiful backdrops for your Florida wedding. Appropriately nicknamed “The Ancient City,” St. Augustine is as rich in natural beauty as it is in history.

    The photographers and videographers at Legacy Movies ensure that your wedding photos encompass the many hidden gems St. Augustine has to offer. They’re experts at recording weddings and other events because they bring a wealth of experience to northeastern Florida venues.

    Why Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

    When it comes to wedding photography, the last thing you want to worry about is making sure the hired professional captures all the precious moments of the day. Hiring local wedding photographers and videographers through Legacy Movies is the first step to getting a great wedding photo in St. Augustine.

    An experienced photographer knows how to stay out of the way while recording the key events during your day. A few other perks of leaving your photography in the hands of a professional include:

    • Less stress. Focus on what your wedding day is really all about instead of fretting over how it will be preserved.
    • Stunning results. Expert photographers use the right equipment to best capture the beauty of your St. Augustine wedding.
    • Creative eye. Professional wedding photographers are trained to notice underrated characteristics of a space that a novice eye may not catch.
    • Bases covered. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, your professional photographer considers all aspects of your St. Augustine venue  to create the best photogenic opportunities.

    What Should I Look for in a Photographer for My St. Augustine Wedding?

    Choosing the right photographer can be difficult. You want to make sure your photos accurately represent you and the emotions surrounding your wedding day. Only an experienced St. Augustine wedding photographer knows how to capture both the feelings and the location during your event.

    Legacy Movies provides photographers familiar with the area. To get the most out of the area’s charms, find St. Augustine wedding photographers who:

    • Have experience with beach weddings. St. Augustine has many picturesque beaches to beautify your wedding photos. Choose a photographer experienced in the unpredictability of elements that may pop up in a beach wedding.
    • Incorporate unique venue architecture. Integrate the past into your modern-day ceremony by capturing some of St. Augustine’s breathtaking Spanish Renaissance architecture.
    • Know the history. Knowing a space’s history helps a photography professional produce sensational wedding photos. The feeling embedded in a place where the past and present collide helps tell your love story. The St. Augustine photographers at Legacy Movies also offer life story films that tell your history.

    I had such a wonderful experience! They were very professional and made me feel completely at ease during the shoot. The final photos turned out absolutely stunning, and I couldn't be happier with the results.

    I was blown away by the quality of the photos produced by them. Every shot was perfectly composed and captured the essence of the moment. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a skilled and talented photographers!

    Is St. Augustine a Good Place to Elope?

    Skipping the fuss and financial hoopla of a large traditional wedding can be an exhilarating way to begin your new life together. Find a St. Augustine elopement photographer able to capture that excitement and spontaneity. A few benefits of eloping in this area include:

    • Natural escape. Many people choose the Sunshine State when looking to get away from it all. St. Augustine’s climate and history combine to create beautiful wedding memories even if you elope.
    • Right to the honeymoon. Waste no time in getting to the fun part by going straight to the honeymoon. You don’t have to travel far to relax after eloping in St. Augustine.
    • Intimate surroundings. How thrilling to get married in secret in a place full of secrets. The hidden history and culture wrapped up in St. Augustine can be a magical setting for a couple looking to romantically elope.

    Whether you’re set on eloping and holding your ceremony at a glamorous hotel or a public beach, bring a professional photographer with you to record those special moments.

    How Will My St. Augustine Wedding Photography Stand Out?

    After taking a look through St. Augustine photography reviews and portfolios, it won’t take long to notice that this city doesn’t look like any other in North America. The centuries-old, Spanish renaissance buildings, narrow streets and historical magnetism provide an exotic feeling without having to leave the country. Use that otherworldly charm in your wedding photography with the help of Legacy Movie’s professional photographers.

    While there, visit the oldest wooden schoolhouse, masonry fort and aging bourbon barrel. Even the narrowest street — it’s only seven feet wide — makes for a stunning backdrop for photos of the local history that makes your St. Augustine wedding venue special. Contact Legacy Movies to be there every step of the way.