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    Unique Wedding Venues

    Many couples want their wedding to be more than memorable; they want to create a unique event. While you can hold your wedding on a holiday, serve exotic food or create a themed affair, you still must decide where to hold it. Florida wedding venues run the gamut, with some unusual ones thrown in for good measure. Just make sure the site you choose can accommodate your guests, the food and your videographers and photographers. For tips, call Legacy Movies, who have experience filming unique weddings.

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    One-of-a-kind weddings  may include any of the details that differ from traditional weddings, such as a church, a white gown, a large contingent of guests and an exchange of vows. A unique wedding may be held outdoors in a garden, on the beach or in a barn. The bride may wear white, black or red. A unique wedding celebrates what makes your love special.

    You can celebrate your individuality at one of many unique Florida wedding venues. When you consider these interesting places to get married or places to have a wedding reception, you realize the diversity of the options available. Legacy Movies can capture your big day with their experts in wedding photography and videography in:

    What Makes a Wedding Venue Unique?

    A unique wedding venue is something very different from customary wedding locations. If you place a high priority on celebrating the uniqueness of your bond, hold a wedding that stands out from the crowd. One way to do this is by choosing from a list of wedding venues that offer something that’s special to you and your partner. Your choice of Florida wedding venues may be unique due to the:

    • Ambiance
    • Alignment to your theme
    • Creative photo opportunities
    • Opportunity for costumes or creative outfits
    • Capability to accommodate a particularly large or small crowd
    • Catering choices that fit your theme or unusual desires

    What makes certain Florida wedding venues unique is distinctive to your priorities and preferences. Since it’s your wedding, you get to make the choices that suit you. Don’t be afraid of making bold decisions. That’s where memorable experiences originate.

    They are truly talented. They have a unique ability to capture the beauty and emotion of every moment, creating photos that truly take your breath away. I couldn't be happier with the final product!

    I was impressed by the professionalism and creativity. They were able to capture the essence of my business in a way that perfectly represented what I do. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking for high-quality and unique photography.

    Why Would I Choose Unique Florida Wedding Venues?

    Some couples want a wedding that’s nontraditional and completely their own. You may have many reasons for this desire, such as a:

    • Need to be different
    • Desire to express yourself
    • Unique theme that reflects your bond
    • Wish to surprise and delight your guests

    You still must find Florida wedding venues that can accommodate the number of guests you plan to invite, locations to hold your ceremony and places to have a wedding reception. Even gothic wedding venues have to provide these things. In Florida, your options go far beyond ballrooms and public halls.

    What Are Some Types of Unique Florida Wedding Venues?

    If you want something unusual – like gothic wedding venues or industrial wedding venues – Legacy Movies can recommend some. With their experience in northeastern Florida, they’re aware of many venues since they offer services that can make your wedding appear as gothic or industrial as you wish.

    Their videographers have a cinematic eye, and their photographers find the angles to capture the mood. A list of wedding venues considered unique include:

    • Public beach
    • Museum, library or art gallery
    • Aquarium
    • Castle
    • Casino
    • Private boat or yacht
    • Movie theater or playhouse
    • Festival grounds
    • Railroad tracks or cars

    The team at Legacy Movies takes care of the photos and video of your wedding so they reflect the look and feel you’re expecting, regardless of your choice of venue. They use the latest techniques, including drone photography and videography, to record your eventful day. They rely on the latest equipment, such as the highest-definition audio and video tools, to capture every quirky word and unusual ritual.

    What Are Some Unique Wedding Venues in FL?

    When you’re looking for the best wedding venues in Jacksonville, St. Augustine or Amelia Island, your Florida wedding can be unique, thanks in part to the venue you choose. Consider:

    The Lightner Museum


    The Lightner Museum in St. Augustine. It’s right in the heart of this historic seaside city. As a wedding venue, it’s unique because it’s served as an elegant event space for more than 130 years. With indoor and outdoor spaces, it can accommodate 40 to 250 guests. Make your mark and get some fabulous photos at this unique wedding venue.

    Amelia River Cruises and Charters


    Amelia River Cruises and Charters, which sails out of the harbor on Amelia Island. A unique choice for a wedding venue, it can handle parties of up to 85 guests. Imagine your guests enjoying a sunset cruise on the ferry while you say your vows. Enjoy a narrated tour as part of the entertainment for a daytime wedding, when you and your guests may see dolphins, manatees or sea turtles. You can also book a smaller boat that seats up to 49 people to create your own special event.

    Hyperion Brewing Company


    Hyperion Brewing Company, which takes advantage of the trendy brewery scene and offers an atmosphere of fun, whether you choose the indoor taproom or the outside beer gardens. This is a family-owned business where you can bring 100 of your favorite people to share your special day in a unique, enjoyable fashion.

    For the most incredible wedding videography and photography in Florida, partner with Legacy Movies. They ensure that you can relive all the special moments of your big day through photos and videos. Contact the team at Legacy Movies today. Their services are highly regarded by others because they capture your unique qualities. Consider adding a life story film, creating a perfect combination.