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    Wedding Photography in Amelia Island, FL

    You’ll cherish your wedding photo in Amelia Island. It not only captures your joyful expressions, but also the setting that has so much beauty and splendor. Whether you go for Amelia Island photography on the beach or ask your wedding photographers to follow you through historical buildings, the best Amelia Island photography is produced by the experts at Legacy Movies. Call them for a quote to ensure that your Amelia Island photographer is available on your chosen day.

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    A pristine location for a romantic, dreamlike wedding, Amelia Island  is a barrier island in the northeastern corner of Florida. Whether you’re planning a large event at a luxury resort or an intimate ceremony on the beach with just a few friends, you can find many beautiful wedding venues on Amelia Island that can accommodate your style. With such a perfect beach setting of royal blue waves and crystal sand, you’ll want to be sure your memories are captured by the skilled wedding photographers and videographers at Legacy Movies.

    When you choose Amelia Island wedding photographers, you’re entrusting them to capture the most memorable moments of your big day. Experienced wedding photographers capture posed pictures and action shots before, during and after your ceremony using multiple cameras. They also edit the photos to be sure you’ll have outstanding prints to view and to show to others.

    Why Should I Hire a Professional for My Amelia Island Wedding Photography?

    You’ll want to relive the memories of your wedding day over and over. Your friends and family all carry cell phones and will snap plenty of candid pictures, but to count on top quality pictures of your wedding, hire a professional photographer and even a videographer. When you choose a pro for your wedding photos:

    • Pictures are taken with top-of-the-line professional equipment.
    • Professional pictures are in focus, taken with proper lighting from the best angle.
    • Experienced photo editing services, such as brightening pictures that are too dark, are included in the package.
    • Photos are printed on top quality paper, and photo files are available to download from a secure, personalized website.
    • You’ll have a number of photo album options from which to choose.
    • You can ask for professional videographers through Legacy Movies too.

    When you hire experts to photograph your Amelia Island venue, they know where to capture the most breathtaking views. They spend your wedding day paying attention to the most important things happening, while being discreet to your guests.

    What Do I Need to Know when Planning a Beach Wedding?

    Choosing the best wedding venue is a personal decision, and many couples choose a location that best reflects their individuality. For some, this means choosing the best wedding venue on the island while others are more interested in beach wedding venues that are free or cost very little. No matter where you choose to have your wedding photo in Amelia Island, remember to plan for:

    • Wind. Your décor should be windproof. Avoid ribbons, balloons or anything else likely to be blown away on a windy day. Consider using a wind screen for your microphone so your vows aren’t drowned out by the sound of crashing waves.
    • Sun. Don’t schedule your ceremony during the hottest part of the day. Make sure there’s a way for guests to get shade if they need to get out of the sun. Be sure to have cold drinks on hand.
    • Weather. Have a canopy or tent available in case of rain.
    • Attire. The bride, groom and wedding party should all wear lightweight fabrics. Don’t wear a veil or heels. State the dress code clearly in your invitations. Consider a shoe rack for guests to change into flipflops.
    • Seating. Have seating that’s sturdy enough to not blow away in the wind.
    • Colors. Use bright colors to contrast with the light color of the sand.

    There are many beautiful Florida beach locations that make for a picture-perfect wedding, and Amelia Island is one of the loveliest. A wedding photo in Amelia Island taken by an expert photographer captures the beauty of this coastal treasure.

    I had a great experience working with this photography business for my professional headshots. They made me feel comfortable in front of the camera and were able to capture my personality in the photos. The end result was stunning, and I would highly recommend their services!

    I would highly recommend Legacy Movies for any event. They were so easy to work with and were able to capture all of the important moments so perfectly. The photos turned out gorgeous, and I couldn't be happier with the final product!

    What Questions Should I Ask Amelia Island Family Photographers?

    When choosing a photographer, find a professional who’s passionate about weddings and willing to provide quality photographs that meet your needs. To narrow down the best choices, read online reviews and view portfolios. Look specifically for photos of recent weddings. Meet with Amelia Island family photographers to ask questions about:

    • The various packages they offer
    • What’s included
    • Turnaround time
    • The cancellation policy

    Before choosing an Amelia Island wedding photographer, get assurance that they have the ability to capture and honor your vision of the perfect day. Your best option is to contact the experts at Legacy Movies to discuss your wedding photo and video needs. Ask about having them provide a life story film, either about the two of you or your parents.