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    Wedding Videography in Amelia Island, FL

    A wedding video in Amelia Island is a keepsake you’ll cherish forever. Take advantage of the exceptional views at the ocean’s edge, the warm breezes ruffling your wedding gown and the beautiful venues that await your upcoming nuptials. The award-winning wedding videographers at Legacy Movies love the northeastern coast of Florida as a beautiful backdrop. Wedding videography on the island is their specialty, and they’d love to capture your special day for you. Call today to book your date and get a recommendation for an Amelia Island wedding venue.

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    While Florida offers a grand array of beautiful, romantic places to hold a wedding and create amazing wedding videography, the aura and artistic views on Amelia Island are hard to match. Unlike other popular east coast beaches, a beach wedding on Amelia Island takes advantage of a more secluded, exclusive environment.

    On the Sunshine State’s tranquil island, you’ll find a variety of wedding venues and some of the best wedding videographers in Florida. The professional team at Legacy Movies has developed an undisputed reputation for excellence. In addition to providing you with videos you’ll enjoy watching over and over, the Legacy Movies crew also takes care of all the still photographs of your wedding with the same level of care.

    What Kind of Wedding Video in Amelia Island Can I Get?

    The award-winning film crew at Legacy Movies brings a wealth of experience in shooting a wide range of wedding themes at a variety of wedding venues in Florida. The custom videos created by the professionals at Legacy Movies are ideally suited to the various types of wedding venues in Amelia Island, including:

    The best wedding venues in Amelia Island are made even better with the superior videography and photography that Legacy Movies brings to the event. In every setting, they take advantage of the naturally existing elements and capture your special moments in the venue, both posed and candid.

    What Makes Amelia Island So Great for Wedding Videography?

    The sand on Amelia Island is just a little bit softer and the air a tad bit sweeter than other locations. With its temperate year-round waters and ever-so-slight seasonal differences, Amelia Island is an ideal location for a destination wedding for you, your faraway guests and even all your local guests. Everyone loves visiting the island.

    It’s easy to find a number of places to stay on the island, including hotels and B&Bs. From resorts and popular hotel chains to unique venues, your guests can all find something to suit their needs and their budgets. The side trips, not to mention the before and after parties, add depth to your wedding videos. Take advantage of some other benefits of holding your ceremony and reception on this east coast barrier island, such as:

    • Location. It’s only a 45-minute drive from Jacksonville and just an hour-and-a-half from historic St. Augustine.
    • Sightseeing. Tours are abundant, highlighting such local delights, such as tales of pirates and plunderers, ghosts, and historic Old Town architecture.
    • Things to do. Cultural options for guests before and after your wedding include places like the fine arts galleries that feature local artists. The Fort George Island Cultural State Park is home to the Kingsley Plantation.
    • Fine dining. Seasonal offerings of seafood and farm-fresh food are plentiful. Steakhouses, casual breakfast cafés, coffee and wine bars round out the food and beverage choices.
    • The beaches! Have an amazing beach experience on Amelia Island’s quartz sand that’s surrounded by sand dunes, some up to 40 feet high. The island is framed by the Intracoastal Waterway, the Atlantic Ocean, Nassau Sound and one the deepest and largest East Coast inlets.

    I am so grateful to have found Legacy Movies for my wedding. They captured all of the special moments so beautifully, and the photos are something I will treasure forever. Thank you so much for your incredible services.

    I was blown away by the quality of the photos produced by them. Every shot was perfectly composed and captured the essence of the moment. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a skilled and talented photographers!

    What Makes a Great Wedding Video in Amelia Island?

    You and your wedding party create the centerpiece of your perfect wedding day. But the videographers at Legacy Movies know how to capture your ceremony and reception. They bring out the personalities that make your life so full of love and camaraderie.

    Whether you decide to keep your film simple or take advantage of multiple cameras and even drone shots for your wedding video in Amelia Island, the wedding videographers from Legacy Movies bring a wealth of experience and exciting ideas to your film. Viewing it afterward, don’t be surprised when you see:

    • A style that closely matches your wishes
    • Appropriate background audio
    • Clear soundtracks
    • Creative images and tracks of film
    • Well-lit scenes
    • Smooth transitions between scenes
    • An easy-to-log-in website to access your video
    • An option to create a life story film for your family

    When your wedding videography has to be just right, contact the experts at Legacy Movies to get on their schedule. The videographers are easygoing and eager to please. Let them know what you envision and allow them to make that dream come true.