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    Wedding Videography

    Professional wedding videography costs are some of the most important pieces of any budget. Wedding video prices vary widely, depending on what level of service you expect and how elaborate you want the finished product. For a truly memorable Florida wedding, Legacy Movies has the experience and Florida connections to make unforgettable wedding videography fit any budget. Videographer prices can’t be measured in dollars and cents, but instead should be measured in smiles and loving memories. Call Legacy Movies today. Photography & Videography Packages

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    You likely have activities planned all during the day you plan to tie the knot. From your pre-wedding preparations to the moment you exchange vows to the reception where you celebrate with family and friends, you deserve full-service, award-winning videographers.

    Hire only seasoned wedding videographers to unobtrusively document your big day. Only the most artistic and thoughtful experts can record your memories in a professionally-made movie for you and your family to savor for generations to come.

    Why Should I Hire a Professional Wedding Videographer?

    Hiring a professional wedding videographer ensures your unique, distinctive pre-wedding activities, ceremony and reception are recorded with top-quality expertise, experience and equipment. After all the planning you put into your Florida wedding, you don’t want to leave the recording to amateurs. In addition to receiving professional-quality videos, other benefits you can receive from hiring pros in Amelia Island, Jacksonville or St. Augustine include:

    • A creative videography style with vivid storytelling, smooth transitions, unique angles, filters, music and photos
    • The highest quality, multiple-camera video production, with slow motion, voiceovers and aerial shots
    • Top-end, high-definition cameras and the latest audio recording equipment
    • The finest local videographers with a reputation for ingenuity and artistry
    • Skillful post-production editing in a beautiful wedding venue of your choice
    • Your own custom webpage where your video is hosted, so you simply provide a link to family and friends

    Trust the professional wedding videography services of Legacy Movies to ensure every special moment of your glorious day is captured with style and grace. Leave it to the professional team of photographers and videographers at Legacy Movies to masterfully preserve these moments for you.

    What Are the Best Wedding Venues for My Wedding Videography?

    Your choice of the best FL wedding venue can make your wedding videography extraordinary. The factors you deem a priority may include:

    • Easy access for family and friends
    • Affordability
    • Nearby attractions
    • Accommodations for travelers
    • Seating in the event area
    • Catering options
    • Music, dancing and special effects
    • Backdrop, decor and ambiance
    • Venue amenities, such as flowers, carpet or pergolas

    Florida’s many fabulous beach venues offer the gorgeous timelessness of the ocean as your backdrop. Other outdoor wedding spots provide opulence and versatility. Check out indoor wedding venues, which work well for mid-summer and evening events. Industrial sites have become an edgy trend.

    How Does Legacy Movies’ Wedding Videography Style Align with My Vision?

    To express your unique love on film, professional videographers use cinematic shots, creative points of view, dramatic sweeping moments and dreamy filters. When your personal photographs and videos are included, your wedding story becomes a truly personal tale.

    Your romantic moments are yours to share. It’s the little details that are so meaningful over time, such as the funny names, a favorite song or a perfect picture on a pier. Consider including items in your videos like:

    • A selfie of you both on your first date
    • A brief video of the place you went on one of your dates where something funny happened
    • A photo of a memento from an event you attended early in your relationship
    • A selfie of the friends with whom you double-dated
    • A special song or album
    • A photo of a favorite place you frequented just to be together
    • A photo or video of the proposal

    I had a great experience working with this photography business for my professional headshots. They made me feel comfortable in front of the camera and were able to capture my personality in the photos. The end result was stunning, and I would highly recommend their services!

    Legacy Movies is truly top-notch. They have a great eye for detail and are able to create stunning photos that truly capture the essence of the moment. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for high-quality photography or videography services.

    How Much Does a Wedding Videographer Cost?

    Wedding videography prices in Florida vary, depending on the level of service you want, the number of events covered and the amount of time the videographer spends with you. At Legacy Movies, wedding videographer services come in affordable packages from a basic movie costing $500 to a full day of videos, which runs higher. Packages include:

    • Capturing visual still shots from video
    • Recording audio
    • Filming on location

    Your movie and audio may be compiled with your personal photos, artifacts and music. Included in the price is a link to your own personal webpage with a link that streams your wedding video, providing easy access for you, your family and your friends. You also get a physical storage device with the movie file.

    How Can I Best Preserve Priceless Wedding Memories?

    When you look back years from now, you realize the memories captured on film are worth every dollar. Your children and grandchildren delight in seeing their family origins and the styles and customs of the day. The best way to preserve your wedding memories is with a wedding videographer.

    To complete the experience, add on a life story film. This personal documentary captures your story as a couple. You can also use life story films to preserve your parents’ story. Preserved on film, your family story can be remembered for years to come. Contact Legacy Movies, where professional wedding videography services are delivered with skill and creativity to tell the unique story of your happiest day.