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    Corporate/Commercial Photography

    Whether you need professional corporate headshots, commercial product photography, a single image of executive leadership or lawyer headshots, rely on the best photographers in Florida at Legacy Movies. They bring a level of talent and experience to every shoot to ensure your company puts its best face forward. Professional photography companies like Legacy Movies provide corporate photographers in St. Augustine, Amelia Island and Jacksonville for your executive photo shoot or product placement coverage. Call today to get on their schedule and take advantage of the expertise you need.

    What Is Commercial Photography?

    Commercial photography supports the promotion of the products or services offered by a company. A skilled photographer provides polished images for use in a variety of advertising platforms and marketing materials. They do more than just show up, point and shoot; they bring a wealth of creative ideas and marketing expertise to enhance and advance your company’s products and services.

    Corporate and commercial photographers also offer specialties in certain types of images or businesses. Whether you’re looking to set up an executive photoshoot or feature a new commercial product, the Florida-based professionals at Legacy Movies in the St. Augustine, Jacksonville and Amelia Island areas have the experience and expertise to deliver a top-quality product — on time, every time.

    What’s the Difference Between Commercial Photography and Corporate Photography?

    While the services of a commercial and corporate photographer sometimes overlap, each of the two categories has a distinct purpose. The aim of a commercial photographer is to increase the appeal of a product or service, while a corporate photographer aims to boost a company’s image or appeal. Commercial product photographers take pictures and produce images for areas such as:

    • Food
    • Fashion
    • Vehicles
    • Manufactured goods
    • Real estate and architecture
    • Weddings and other events
    • Services and resources

    On the other hand, images created by a corporate photographer make the company’s personnel appear human and approachable with photos and layouts that may include:

    • Executive headshots
    • Attorney headshots
    • Staff and team photos
    • Workplace photos
    • Lifestyle photos

    Corporate photography features the positive and welcoming faces of your organization. Potential clients, future employees and product consumers can picture themselves aligned to your company. They feel the culture of your business through images designed to provide a sense of safety and familiarity that encourage people to choose your company and your products or services.

    Amazingly talented photographers. They were able to take my vision for the shoot and turn it into something even better than I could have imagined. Their attention to detail and creative eye made all the difference!

    I would highly recommend Legacy Movies for any event. They were so easy to work with and were able to capture all of the important moments so perfectly. The photos turned out gorgeous, and I couldn't be happier with the final product!

    Why Should I Hire a Photography Company?

    When you hire a commercial photographer, you get an experienced professional who creates images to express the unique identity of your company. A staffer with a cell phone can’t produce the quality needed in effective corporate photography. Commercial photographers use both the latest technology and marketing know-how in their work. Many have advanced degrees in design, art, photography or marketing. Professional photographers offer vital skills that include:

    • Organization
    • Communication
    • An eye for detail
    • Editing expertise
    • Creativity
    • Lighting design

    A seasoned commercial photographer shows you examples with a portfolio of high-quality images from recent clients. These portfolios demonstrate expertise, as well as a sense of style. A strong portfolio is a key component in recognizing a photographer who’ll deliver the results you and your company expect.

    How Does a Commercial Photographer Work?

    A photography company first clarifies your company’s expectations for the project. They typically gather information such as:

    • The goals for your campaign
    • Inspirational photos you like
    • Places where you plan to use your photos
    • Responses you want the viewer to have

    Commercial photographers then coordinate with members of your team. They produce the high-quality photos required to meet your agreed-upon objectives.

    How Much Do Corporate Photographers Cost?

    The costs to hire a corporate or commercial photographer vary for several reasons. First, remember that photographers charge higher rates in large metro areas like New York or Los Angeles. In Florida, look for a local photographer who doesn’t have to travel far for your needs. Beyond the photographer’s hourly or day rates, other factors in the total cost may include things like:

    • Scope of the project
    • Type of shoot
    • Number of images provided
    • Equipment rental costs
    • Prop or location costs
    • Licensing fees
    • Post-production fees

    Event photography is typically longer and more complex than studio shoots, so it costs more. In comparison, professional corporate headshots or an image of executive team members doesn’t take as much set-up and coverage, so these services don’t cost as much.

    How Do Corporate Headshot Photographers Work?

    Many companies require a corporate portrait photographer to maintain up-to-date images of key employees. These sessions provide headshots for the company to use in a variety of marketing materials, on their websites and advertising platforms. Such photos feature:

    • Executives
    • Attorneys
    • Sales agents
    • Team members
    • Support staff
    • Medical professionals
    • Civic leaders

    Headshot sessions are priced according to duration and the number of poses you want. You’re given sufficient notice so employees can prepare for the pictures. Your professional photographic company brings appropriate lighting and staging equipment, and sometimes a professional make-up person, to ensure photos put you in the best light.

    Why Hire a Commercial Photography Company or Corporate Photography Specialist?

    When you hire a commercial photographer, that professional brings to the table both technical expertise and skilled creativity. Whether you want to spice up your web images or splash a new product atop a billboard, a professional photography company offers to create the polished look you need.

    In Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Amelia Island, Florida, contact the experienced professionals at Legacy Movies. They bring top local talent to your business to showcase your company’s best side.