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    Corporate Video Production

    Corporate video services are becoming more and more in demand. When you’re planning a marketing campaign, remember that videos have proven popular and effective for connecting with almost any market segment. A top corporate video production company like Legacy Movies in Florida can help your business take advantage of the medium by producing engaging visual stories. Call a Legacy Movies commercial videographer when only the best corporate video production services will do in the Jacksonville, Amelia Island and St. Augustine areas of Florida.

    What Is a Corporate Video Production Company?

    Competition is fierce in the business world, as each company vies to attract customers to their products and services. While content still rules, the mode of presenting that content is shifting. According to digital marketing experts, the power of videos is unmatched. Every single minute of video content translates to 1.8 million words.

    An estimated 90 percent of your customers are now watching product videos before buying. If you don’t have videos on your website, the chance of losing a customer to a competitor grows. Companies are actively seeking video production agencies like Legacy Movies to bring their products and services to life.

    Companies that produce commercial or corporate videos use short-form digital cinema to highlight your company brand. Their videos are distributed in key markets to promote your products, enhance your services and inspire confidence in others.

    Some corporate video production companies offer a wide variety of services, while others specialize in certain types of video products. Whether you’re looking for live-stream services or web videos, consult a professional videographer to get the polished look you want. The experienced team at Legacy Movies serves all your commercial video production needs around Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Amelia Island, Florida.

    What Are the Advantages of Corporate Video Production?

    Think of the last time you visited YouTube or TikTok. Remember when you watched a video on Facebook or LinkedIn. In 2022 alone, people watch more than 1 million videos every second. The average person spends almost 17 minutes watching online ads every month, and that number grows every year.

    The impact of video marketing and advertising increases annually. Most — 83 percent — of corporate video production services like Legacy Movies understand that videos enhance a company’s sales. Whether you’re a small-to-medium business or a large corporation, videos are the second-most popular way to engage your customers. Other ways videos give you an edge over your competitors include:

    • Higher rankings with search engines. Videos are 50 times more likely to help you get on the coveted first page on Google.
    • More exposure and engagement. Twitter claims that a video increases engagement by an average of 10 times over a non-video tweet.
    • Increase in conversion rates. You may see a full 80 percent increase by embedding videos into your landing pages.
    • Improved click-through rates. A 200 to 300 percent boost isn’t uncommon when you send marketing emails that include videos.
    • Better social media share rate. People share posts with videos 12 times more often than with posts with just images and text.
    • Reusing video from corporate events. When you bring employees or stakeholders together for an event, resulting video clips can engage your audience.

    Amazingly talented photographers. They were able to take my vision for the shoot and turn it into something even better than I could have imagined. Their attention to detail and creative eye made all the difference!

    I worked with them on my wedding, and they were fantastic. They had a great eye for detail and were able to capture each member of our family in their own unique way. The final photos turned out beautiful, and we will cherish them for years to come.

    What Corporate Video Services Are Avialable?

    Commercial videos come in all shapes and sizes. A commercial production can highlight the features of a new appliance or showcase a city’s tourist attractions. Common categories that require the expertise of a commercial videographer include:

    • Marketing videos
    • Company profile videos
    • Explainer videos
    • Training videos
    • Customer testimonial videos
    • Live streaming services

    The field of video services is an ever-expanding one. If you’re looking for how to use it, the videographers at a commercial production company are well versed in what’s trending. They work with your business to generate corporate video ideas.

    How Does Corporate Video Production Work?

    Companies that produce commercial or corporate videos use short-form digital cinema to highlight your company brand. Their videos are distributed in key markets to promote your products, enhance your services and inspire confidence in others.

    Highly-rated videographers and photographers understand the nuances of visual language. Legacy Movies’ efforts can increase engagement for companies in northeastern Florida, including all around the Jacksonville area, because they know how corporate video works. Creativity, combined with a high level of technical quality, creates videos that surpass your expectations. To create videos that have depth, top corporate video production companies ask questions like:

    • Who is your target audience? Companies in Florida may want their videos to focus on retirees or the freewheeling youth.
    • What’s your end goal? You may need marketing and advertising videos to increase organic website traffic, improve the sales of a particular product or gain brand recognition.
    • How do you plan to use the videos? With the advent of new technology, you can add three dimensional elements to your website. Videos are the perfect way to create 3D visuals.
    • Where do you plan to use the videos? In addition to your website, you may have an active social media presence. Videos made for Instagram or Facebook differ from videos for TikTok or YouTube.
    • When do you need the videos? You can create videos for future product launches, or you may need the videos now for already existing products or services.
    • Why do you need the video? Companies need to assess why videos can enhance their brand and product recognition. By knowing the reasons, you can create a video marketing or advertising campaign that’s successful.

    Why Choose Legacy Movies?

    When it comes to corporate video production, many businesses don’t know where to turn. Legacy Movies is one of the top video production companies, with years of experience in visual storytelling to get your brand identity or product advantages across. By hiring the talented, award-winning team from Legacy Movies, you receive:

    • Assistance in video content ideas
    • Professional photographers and videographers based in Florida
    • High-definition camera equipment
    • The highest quality in sound recording equipment
    • Extensive post-production editing and effects

    Some companies also look for the best video production agencies to record their corporate events. Videos from such events may enhance your company’s image by showcasing the human side of your company. Legacy Movies’ video production services can increase your social media subscriptions. With cinematic multi-camera angles, you can create an Instagram story from the videos or upload the same video on different social media accounts. Contact the team today.