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    Corporate Events

    Video and photos of your corporate event have evolved into valuable marketing assets. Don’t put on an event without hiring the best corporate video production services from Legacy Movies in Florida. With top-quality corporate videos, you can impress and widen your audience by adding the final product to your website and social media accounts. A corporate videographer and event photographer capture the key moments, providing additional marketing opportunities. Call Legacy Movies today.

    If you think corporate events can’t be used for marketing or advertising, you don’t understand the power of video. According to one study, people spend 88 percent more time on websites with videos. Additionally, 96 percent of business people prefer videos over text. It’s as true in Florida as anywhere.

    Corporate events are no longer just get-togethers for employees, clients or partners. They’ve become powerful opportunities to showcase your best business ideas and plans, with the help of a professional event videographer and photographer. Think of your event as a selfie moment for your business. Legacy Movies offers commercial videography by local Florida talent that captures illustrative moments on film, which you can then use on your website and social media platforms.

    How Do Videos Enhance Corporate Events?

    Video has become a vital instrument in boosting your company and its brand recognition. Event videography helps you to gain traction in the business world. It allows your various stakeholders to showcase your corporate culture, business news or products and services.

    The Legacy Movies’ corporate video production team you hire in northeastern Florida offers what your market demands. Through a corporate videographer, you receive increased interest in your business, since:

    • Digital videos on various social media platforms reached 244.4 million views in 2020.
    • 54 percent of internet users want to see more video content from the brand or business they support.
    • 53 percent of viewers contact a business after watching their video.
    • Conversion rates are bolstered by 80 percent with embedded videos on landing pages.
    • 59 percent of key company decision-makers prefer watching videos over reading a blog or an article.
    • More than 75 percent of executives say they watch videos on business websites as often as once a week.
    • 40 percent of companies witness a high return on investment when they produce video content.
    • Videos get shared 12 times more than images and text, with 96 percent of companies citing videos on social media as a main draw for new customers.
    • Videos increase search engine optimization (SEO) by ranking your website higher.
    • Marketing emails are read more frequently if it includes a video.
    • Uploading corporate videos on YouTube improves customer engagement.
    • You can snip corporate video content for future marketing materials.
    • 95 percent of viewers retain what they have seen in a video.

    They are truly talented. They have a unique ability to capture the beauty and emotion of every moment, creating photos that truly take your breath away. I couldn't be happier with the final product!

    I worked with them on my wedding, and they were fantastic. They had a great eye for detail and were able to capture each member of our family in their own unique way. The final photos turned out beautiful, and we will cherish them for years to come.

    What Can I Expect from a Corporate Video Production Company?

    Corporate video production services provide a way to enhance your video marketing capabilities. You may intend your event only for your employees and business relations, or you may show the videos at a trade show, seminar or conference. You may also choose pre-event videos to generate interest in the event or post-event videos for re-engagement.

    Once you decide to enlist a corporate videographer, you can expect specific benefits. The corporate video production expert is concerned with more than simply shooting the event video. Think about the impression you want the video to impart. Questions a top event videographer may ask include:

    • Who’s your target audience? What group of people are you trying to connect with through the video?
    • Do you want to create an event recap video? This shorter video is a highlight of the important moments at the event.
    • What form of social media do you plan to use, and do you want to upload the videos into those accounts? Your marketing team may believe one platform is much better for this particular corporate event video, meaning you upload it to only that platform.
    • Do you expect a Q&A session at the event? Consider hiring an event photographer to take pictures of the speakers.
    • Is your corporate event for a product launch? Such a video requires post-production work along with the video to add music, voice-over and other components that make the video more professional.
    Legacy Movies Add Value

    How Does Legacy Movies Add Value to My Corporate Events?

    Think of your corporate video production as your chance to promote your company or brand. This is a message that Legacy Movies helps to create through moving and still images. This corporate video production firm produces stories that move people, including your stakeholders and customers.

    When you hire the best photographers and videographers for your corporate events, you get high-definition, multiple-camera shoots that record every aspect of the event. Top-quality sound recording equipment catches every word. And the post-production editing delivers polished corporate videos. Legacy Movies provides everything to make your Florida corporate events memorable. Contact the team today.